Energy Audits & Implementation

As a private building owner, you know that your utility bill is your largest operating cost, often accounting for more than 40% of all of your building operating costs.

As a municipal building owner, you know that your building’s operating costs are 50% of the total 40 year life cycle cost of your building.

Mixed use buildings are complicated mini-ecosystems. They have multiple, interactive systems, competing usage demands, changing occupancy requirements and of course, seasonal climate conditions.

Through an energy audit we evaluate “what is”, and through our analysis, research and recommendations, show you “what can be”. You get thorough research and a detailed report, grounded in reality, complete with costs, savings and ROI for each recommendation, and sample specifications of any recommended equipment.

As a follow-on step, we can also work with you to develop an implementation strategy that folds into your multi-year budget, business and operating plans. It will include your local Utility Provider’s incentives and/or match funding, define scopes of work and can go as far as soliciting qualified contractors to perform the recommended retrofits.


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Areas of Specific Experience

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